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Learn, Lead & Liaison

Sarva SANDHI Foundation is focused to catalyze the social development process in India through a Sustainable Approach of Networking and Developing Holistic Initiatives(SANDHI) for all. SSF is working closely with youth, children, and women to build their social leadership to increase their awareness, participation, and ownership in their growth


To build an aware, empathetic and empowered societies through social leadership and collaboration


To drive social change as a catalyst by doing partnerships and mobilizing children, youth and women for their growth


Service to a cause greater than self, Empathy, Collaboration, Integrity & Flexibility

Can we count on you?

Volunteer with us

We are always looking for the community’s support to help push our goals together with the power of people, passion, and processes. We would love to have you, for making this better with your any-kinda support. Please join us today, and be a part of the change for the better tomorrow.

Join us as Mentor

Be part of our Mentorship program, where you will get a chance to connect to young leaders and support them to get started in social development spaces. Join our team of like-minded people who simply wants an empathetic and empowered society to live in. You are invited to join our cause and make it our’s through SANDHI (collaborations).