Our Values


To drive social change as a catalyst by doing partnerships and mobilizing children, youth and women for their growth.


Service to a cause greater than self

Sarva SANDHI Foundation is working on the belief that the life of humans is for a better cause and requires a greater value in living. It can be possible by working with society and contributing to creating innovations for sustainable development goals. The idea of Sarva SANDHI is to align with the children, youth, and women of the society to build on their awareness, participation, and ownership towards partnering for their social development goals. Engaging with communities empowers us to learn, lead and liaison for service greater to a cause greater than self. 


We are working with society and believe that empathy helps us to understand the real problems of society. For us, empathy starts with actively listening to understand a person, situation, and circumstances. This in turn forms a clarity of understanding belongingness, exploring the possibilities, and mutually meeting the needs that arise from time to time.


Sarva SANDHI reflects its deep essence in collaboration with everyone for a better cause. In the search of possibilities to meet development goals, we look forward to extensively collaborating with our communities, government, and allied organisation working on similar issues. The Sarva SANDHI is with the idea that collaboration leads to growth in knowledge, awareness, resources, power, and matching of goals to meet sustainable development goals in more effective ways.


Our actions in the circle of our concerns meeting with our influences shall be always in an objective way to set our accountability to all our partners of change. This will be an intrinsic part of us in all our interactions, choices, and efforts that we make, be it little or big.


SSF strongly believes working with people needs kinder consideration with a humanistic approach to cater to heterogeneous personalities, ideas, disruptive innovations, and a lot more. We are building a space for recognising and celebrating the power of people and bringing the acceptability to adopt transitions.